Course Overview:

Your job, this year, is to think very carefully about high-quality works of literature. More specifically, you will read and then analyze a wide variety of texts, and you will learn to write about these texts effectively. Close reading, annotation and discussion are some of the tools you will use when unpacking challenging texts and when preparing to explain, in writing, what their authors have dared to say and how their authors have used different strategies to convey their ideas in these documents. You will support each other in interpreting short stories, poems, plays and novels and challenge each other to support your readings of these works of literature with evidence from the text.

My job, this year, is to push your thinking and support the development of your skills in reading and writing. I’ll do this, in part, by creating opportunities for you to learn from one another—by requiring you to converse, thoughtfully, with your peers, trying out your own ideas and considering others’ perspectives. Careful text selection is another part of this process. I will ask you to engage with contemporary and ancient texts, written by men and women living in countries across the globe. My hope is that you will find a few new favorite authors. It is essential, at the very least, that you digest what they have written and consider their ideas carefully, whether you agree with their ideas or not. I hope to expose you to new ideas. If you can speak clearly and write effectively about these ideas, as they are represented in literature, I will have won.

The AP Literature class follows a rough outline:

Quarter 1: Boot Camp (Introduction to Close Reading, Writing about Literature)

Quarter 2: Drama (Interspersed with Novels and Poetry)

Quarters 3 and 4: Poetry, Novels and Narrative Non-Fiction


 How to Contact Me:

  • You are always welcome to call me with questions. I can be reached at (802) 673-3264, and I will return your call if I miss you.
  • Send me an email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Please share your essays with me in Google Drive: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Note: I do NOT use this as an email address. I make use of this address for online submission and commenting only, and I do NOT check this email address.
  • You can visit me in the Teachers’ Room (periods 4, 5 and 8). Please try to let me know you are planning to visit so I am prepared for our conversation.

Daily Plans for Quarter 1:

Syllabus #1

Syllabus #2

Syllabus #3

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