Life Time Physical Education Exit Exam

You may type your final exam in advance, this includes part I and part II. For the students that type the exit exam. all students must have a minimum of 20 minutes in target heart zone with a monitor. Please remember the school policy on exam expectations; that is you may not leave early. Students that do not have their final typed in advance will also have 20 multiple choice questions and 25 fill in the blank.

There are five components of health related fitness. List those five components. Draw up a personal fitness plan and relate this plan to the five health related fitness components you have just listed This should also include MHR/THR etc. In addition to the health related components you may incorporate any skill-related components that your specific fitness plan includes.(50 points)

There are basic health factors that lead to the development of a healthy lifestyle and/or personal wellness. Listed are 10 suggestions for you to consider: 1) physical fitness –and you have just made a personal fitness plan above 2) balanced diet 3) sleep habits 4) healthy weight 5) drug use-caffeine, chocolate, alcohol, nicotine, prescription, etc. 6) acting safely and reducing risks 7)dealing with stress positively 8) social/friends 9) involved in activities you find rewarding 10) health check ups including dentist

For the second part of this exam you will discuss your personal wellness. List health factors that you presently practice and explain briefly. List components that you are willing to improve by setting some realistic goals. (50 points)

There will also be 20 multiple choice questions and 25 fill in the blanks for students that do not type up their exit exam in advance.

Write the correct answer in the space provided, and behind the correct answer write the number. There are choices provided at the bottom of the questions.



A. The type of exercise that increases your pulse and improves/maintains cardiovascular fitness is_______________________.
B. _________________________ prepare your cardiovascular system for more vigorous activities.
C. The teenage years are an excellent time to make a ____________________________ to improve your mental and physical well-being.
D. To develop cardiovascular fitness,____________________minutes of exercise per session is recommended at target heart rate.
E. Most benefits come from exercising____________times a week.
F. By measuring your _________________rate, you can determine if you are exercising at a level to improve your fitness.
G. __________________causes fatigue.
H. The ability of muscles to work repeatedly over long periods of time without tiring is___________.
I. You need to reach and maintain your____________________ for at least 20 minutes in order to gain benefits from cardiovascular exercise.
J. If heart disease occurs in your family, your doctor might recommend that you concentrate on building

        your ____________________________________.
K. You begin to lose the benefits gained from exercising if you stop for _______ or more consecutive days.\\

L. A distant goal can seem more possible, if you break it down into smaller steps, or________________.
M. The best_________________for most people during exercise is about 75% of maximum heart rate. You start slowly and increase (same answer) gradually.
N. Weight maintenance is important to our wellness, so remember it is ________________ that increases the rate at which calories are burned.
O. The activities in your exercise program should build all parts of health related fitness, including strength.\\ endurance,_______________________, and cardiovascular activities. P. To find your ____________________________ subtract your age from 220.

ANSWERS: 1. Physical condition 2. Aerobic 3. Cardiovascular fitness 4. Flexibility

 5. Muscular endurance  6. Short-term goals  7. Lifetime commitment  8. Heart  9. Intensity  10.boredom  11. Maximum heart rate  12. Target heart rate  13. Warm-up activities  14. Long term goals 15. Exercise  16. 5 times  17.30-40   18. Three  19. Agility  20. 10-20  21. Breathing  22. Anaerobic  

Put the number of your correct answer for each lettered statement in the corresponding lettered square of the “magic box.” If you have chosen the correct answers, your box will be “magic” because the numbers in each row, column, or diagonal will add up to the same number. Some of the answers will not be used.


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