Boys Golf

Members of the boys golf team (Miles Mason (So), Jack King (So), Kaden Swett (Sr), Brady Perron (Sr), Parker Perron (So)) stand with Coach James Ingalls after securing a Runner-Up finish at the Division II State Golf Championships which were held in Killington on Wednesday, October 11th.

Girls Golf

Senior Emma Coy and Freshman Tia Martinez stand with Coach King holding the hardware earned for finishing as Division II Runner-Ups at the State Girls Golf Championship held on Tuesday, October 10th in Proctor.  Tia's individual score was good enough to qualify her for the New England High School Golf Tournament which will be held in the spring.  Congratulations ladies!!!


State Champs 

Co-Directors of Athletics

James Ingalls   email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   phone: 754-2500 ext 225

Chris Wenworth email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   phone: 754-2500 ext 223


Quote of the day

"Act as what you do makes a difference
 because it does."
William James 


Athletic Announcements


1/22- Boys Varsity and JV basketball home vs. U-32  5:30/7 p.m. Has been postponed.


1/31- Please come and support the Rangers and your local food

shelf when the boys varsity and jv basketball teams take on Lyndon

Institute. Everyone who brings a non-perishable food item will get

into the game free!!









  Online Registration Instructions for Lake Region Union High School Athletics


Welcome to the new online registration software hosted by FormReleaf for Lake Region Union Athletics!  We hope you will find this new process simple, convenient, and time-saving!

Step 1: Click “Sign Up” in the bottom left-hand corner

Create an account (Same account can be used to register multiple student athletes under the same guardian)

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  *All athletic schedules are subject to change.*

 For printable schedules click the links below:

Fall Sports Schedules

2017 Boys Varsity and JV Soccer Schedule

2017 Girls Varsity and JV Soccer Schedule

2017 Boys and Girls XC Running Schedule

2017 Boys and Girls Golf Schedule

Winter Sports Schedules

Boys Varsity and JV Basketball Schedule

Boys JVB Basketball Schedule

Girls Varsity and JV Basketball Schedule



Spring Sports Schedules

Varsity Baseball Schedule

Junior Varsity Baseball Schedule

Varsity Softball Schedule

Varsity Girls Tennis Schedule

Outdoor Track and Field


Offered Sports


FALL SPORTS Girls' Soccer JV/ Varsity, Boys' Soccer JV/ Varsity, Girls' Cross Country Running JV/ Varsity, Boys' Cross Country Running JV/ Varsity, Boys and Girls Varsity Golf

WINTER SPORTS Girls' Alpine Varsity (independent), Girls' , Girls' Basketball JV/ Varsity, Boys' Alpine Varsity (independent),  Boys' Basketball JV/ Varsity, JV/Varsity Wrestling

SPRING SPORTS Girls' Softball JV/ Varsity, Girls' Track & Field JV/ Varsity, Girls' Tennis JV/ Varsity, Girls' Softball JV/ Varsity, Boys' Track & Field JV/ Varsity,

Student Athletic Assistants - Students can assist the athletic program in many different ways. Newspaper stringers, photographers, managers, field and gym setup, and basic operations. See the athletic director for these particular responsibilities.


Athletic Digest

Lake Region Athletic Policies Digest

Coach Requirements

Coaches Requirements

A. All coaches must travel to and from out-of-town contests on school transportation.

B. All coaches must submit in writing, to the Athletic Director their own team rules and expectations. This must be done one week prior to the opening contest. Teams and parents will be issued these rules.

C. All coaches are responsible for enforcing all of the rules/regulations and others established by him/her.

D. ASEP Training

Hazing Policy

Hazing and Eligibility


"Hazing" is defined as any willful act done by a student whether individually or in concert with others to another student for=the purpose of subjecting that student to humiliation, intimidation, physical abuse or threats of abuse, social or other ostracism, shame or disgrace for the purpose of pledging, being initiated into, affiliating with, holding office in, or maintaining memberships in any school district sponsoring organization whose members are not include other students.

Reporting procedures:
Any person who believes he or she has been the victim of hazing are any person with knowledge or evidence of conduct which may constitute hazing shall report the alleged acts immediately to a school administrator or the superintendent

The building principal is the person responsible for receiving reports at the building level. Any person may report hazing directly to a school administrator or to the superintendent.

Teachers, administrators, volunteers, contractors, or other employees of the school district shall be particularly alert to possible situations, circumstances, or events that might include hazing. Any such person who receives a report of, observes, or has other knowledge or evidence of conduct, which may constitute hazing, shall inform the building principal immediately.

The school district will take appropriate action against any student, volunteer, contractor, or employee or the school district who a good faith report of alleged hazing. Retaliation includes, but is not limited to any form of intimidation, reprisal, or harassment. Eligibility

Students must meet the following the criterion to be eligible for an extracurricular activity or interscholastic athletics.

A. Must be a bonafide student at Lake Region Union High School. B. Must be carrying a minimum of 5 units of credit for the school year or its equivalence. C. Students may participate with one "F". D. Any student participating in "co-curricular" activities with one "F" will be evaluated at mid-quarter progress (4 to 5 weeks). It a student's grades have not improved from "F" status in any subject, then that student will be removed from that program. E. Fourth quarter grades will count toward fal participation for grades 10, 11, and 12.

Coaches have the responsibility to check grades at midterm and again when report cards are issued.


A Note to Parents

A Note to Parents

Welcome to the interscholastic athletic program at Lake Region Union High School. The coaches and I are pleased that you have decided to participate in one of the many interscholastic programs offered here at our school. We certainly hope it will be an enjoyable experience for you.

Please remember that participation in athletics is a privilege and with this privilege go certain responsibilities to your school, your team, and to the community. Our expectation here at Lake Region is that good sportsmanship will be displayed at all times. Respect all coaches, officials, and opponents. High School athletics is a valuable component of education, and I hope you will find your experience here at Lake Region Union High School rewarding and enjoyable.

Please take time to read the athletic digest carefully, it provides you with very important information regarding the rules and regulations of the athletic program. Please fill out all necessary paper work with your coach and make a the commitment to the sport in which you have chosen. If you have any questions in regards to our athletic program, please contact me at school. Have a great season.

Sincerely, James Ingalls and Chris Wentworth Co-Directors of Athletics

VPA Eligibility

Vermont Principals' Association

Rules Governing Eligibility

The following eligibility rules and activities policies apply to all students, boys and girls, in grades seven through twelve. These rules and activities policies apply to all activities, both athletic and non-athletic, sanctioned or sponsored by the Vermont Principals' Association. Waiver requests on the grounds of undue hardship must be submitted through the headmaster, Waiver requests will not be considered regarding age requirements.

Contestants or participants must be bonafide students in their schools. Students may only compete on school teams sponsored by their own school during the season.

Transfer students are eligible at once provided they were bonafide students in the school from which they transferred according to the definition in item 1 above. If the transfer is the result of any coercion, recruiting or inducement to move in order to participate in interscholastic activities, students will be ineligible for a period of 365 calendar days from the date of the infraction.

A student who competes in any VPA-sanctioned activity must be under nineteen (19) years of age, except that a student whose nineteenth birthday occurs on or after August 1 is eligible for all activities in the ensuring school year. Students who have attained the age of nineteen prior to august 1 shall be ineligible for all VPA-sanctioned activities.

Students are ineligible if they have graduated from any course of study in a secondary school comparable to the Vermont system.

Students have four consecutive years or eight semesters of eligibility for participation in school activities. Attendance of thirty school days of any semester shall be regarded as a semester. Attendance is defined as being included in the official roll and attendance records of the school and not physical presence in the class. A student who is enrolled for his/her eighth and final semester of eligibility during the fall/winter term may complete the winter sports season as long as he/she is an eligible student and has not graduated.

Students are ineligible if they have lost their amateur standing; i.e. they have accepted remuneration, gifts or donations directly or indirectly for participation in an athletic contest.

Students who lose amateur status in one sport do not lose it in others.

Students enrolled in Vermont high schools under the auspices of recognized foreign and domestic exchange programs should be evaluated by the headmaster under existing local school and PCSA eligibility standards. It is the policy of this organization to prove foreign exchange and domestic exchange students with equal access to all activities, Students with equal access to all activities. Students in recognized foreign and domestic exchange programs who are bonafide, full-time students studying for credit toward a high-school diploma (or comparable certificate) shall be eligible to compete, provided only that they meet the same eligibility rules as all others students.

In a Sports season, players who have participated in practice or competition as a member of a school group shall not practice or compete as members of a non-school organized group in the same sport. Violation of this rule will be handled as follows:

For the infraction, a warning to students will be given that the choice of participation in one or the other group must be followed.

For the second infraction, the student will be dropped from the school group.

No school shall permit students to enroll in the winter activities until the fall activity in which they are participating is concluded and they have had the required seven day rest period between the sports seasons. No student shall enroll in the spring activity until the winter activity in which they have been participating is concluded and they have had the required seven day rest period between sports seasons.

Eligibility rules and activities policies apply to all activities, both athletic and non-athletic. Questions on eligibility or requests for waivers should be directed to the Athletic Director.

NCAA Eligibility

NCAA and Collegiate Eligibility

Students may wish to participate in intercollegiate athletic activities upon completion of high school. In order to be academically eligible the NCAA requires certain minimums on high school core courses; grades and SAT/ACT standardized test scores. It is also necessary for high school students who wish to compete in Division I or II college athletics to complete NCAA Clearinghouse forms. Forms are available in the guidance office or the activities office. It is the responsibility of the student to monitor his/her status with regard to meeting NCAA requirements.

Athletic Physicals

Lake Region's interscholastic sports programs requires a "Well Exam" as opposed to a "sport physical" as recommended by the Vermont Principals Association, the VT Departments of Health and Education, the American Academy of Pediatrics and other professional organizations interested in student health.

Lake Region will continue to require a physical (now called a "Well Exam") every two years. If your child's current physical on file is a "sports physical" and less than two years old, you will not need a "Well Exam" until it is no longer current (older than 2 years)

Please don't hesitate to contact us or the Health Office (ext. 318) if you have any questions.

James Ingalls and Chris Wentworth


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