Cultural Anthropologist Margaret Mead

Course Overview

This course will serve as an introduction to sociology, the study of society.  The course will challenge students to understand sociological theories, apply them to social problems, and compare cultures so that students may expand their sense of personal and social responsibility.  Students will also examine the methods employed by sociologists and the effects of sociological research on cultures, the market and politics.  Skills to be developed in this course include, but are not limited to, reading, writing, communication, critical thinking, and note-taking.


Course Syllabus



Additional Resources

Teaching Tolerance CCSS Toolkit

Unit 2


London Riots, August 2011,                            "Occupy Wall Street" - Zuccotti Park, NYC, 10/8/11

                                                                                                                                Robert Stolarik for NYT                                                                    


Structure & Stratification

Focusing QuestionTo what extent is the United States and the world stratified?



Carol Beckwith & Angela Fisher;

A Wodaabe Man of Niger


Unit 2 Chapter 4 Millennium & Family Structure & Function Essay & Notegrid

LA Times 1992 Review


Social Network Diagram - Wikipedia

Unit 2 Chapter 4 Current Event - Social Networking & Facebook Moodle Assignment

Sociology students created their own graphic organizers to illustrate the concepts of social categories & networks.


Sarcasam and observations on wealth

Six Myths About Food Stamps

Additional Links

Marketplace Radio - Income Upshot

A History of the Income Tax

Bejing Bling

China, Apple & Working Conditions

Slate on FB - Too many followers

"Occupy Wall Street"

Wikipedia - Social Networks

US Poverty Rates Rise, Median Income Drops: US CENSUS

American Consumerism - Market Research & Jobs for Sociologists ?

Slate on the London Riots

Al Jazeera on the Israeli Summer

Sociologist Cornel West Arrested - Occupy Wall Street

Drug Testing for Welfare Recipients

Unit 3

Eric Risberg/AP

Gymnasium of San Quentin Prison, CA

Socialization & Deviance

Focusing Question: How do individuals come to internalize social values and norms, and why do some not, or, how do they come to be labeled as deviant?  What is the significance of that label?



Unit 3 Chapter 5 Journal Assignment

Media Education Foundation


"Consuming Kids" - A Parent's Guide

"Consuming Kids" Questions

Additional Links

Child Prostitutes as Victims, Not Criminals say Feds

Racial profiling by VT police

Juvenile's Imprisoned for Life?

End to FBI use of GPS w/o Warrant

Would ending cash end crime?

Book Review - The Secret Perks of Being a Middle Child

The FBI investigation & The Columbine Massacre

Twins Research

Unit 4

                                                                                                     CNN, James Craig Anderson, murdered 6/26/11                      


Focusing Question:  How are minority groups a social construction, and what effect have those social constructions had on the rights and relations of human beings?


"We've Got Egg on Our Black Face"Unit 4 Plan

"Generation M" - Video Questions

PBS - "Sorting Activity"

Chapter 10 Assignment #13 Data & Constructed Response - US Census & Race/Ethnic Populations Activity

Additional Links

"We've Got Egg on our Black Face"

"Please Put Down that Pink Can Put Your Bra Back On"

Attorney Death in TX leads to White Supremacists

Which Box?

Women Leaders - Forgets Aboout Disadvantaged

NPR & Pew Report - Decline in Marriage

Police Racial Profiling in VT

Housing Discrimination in VT

A Mom's Advice to her Black Sons

"Twenty-First Century Slave Patrol"

Al Sharpton on Trayvon Martin's Murder

Kony 2012, Teaching Tolerance Heeds & Know Your Meme

Rhianna, Chris Brown, and Misogynist Culture

Go Essex VT!!!

VT Bias Free Policing Policy

CNN on the murder of James Craig Anderson



Ms. Suarez's Home Page

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