March 11, 2013

Vermont Agency of Education: Final Determination

Title 1(1111)(h) of NCLB requires LEAs to publicly report the percentage of core academic classes* NOT taught by highly qualified teachers, the percentage of teacheras teaching on emergency credentials by LEA and school, and the professional qualifications of their teachers. The following is the percentage of core academic classes Not taught by higly qualified teachers and the percentage of teachers teaching on emergency credentials for you LEA as a whole and for all schools in your LEA for the 2011-2012 school year. LEAs are responsible for determining a measure for the professional qualification of their teachers.


LEA School Name Classes Taught by NOT HQ teacher/total classes Percentage of core academic classess NOT taught by highly qualified teachers
Lake Region UHSD #24 10/151 6.62%
LEA School Name # of Emergency credentialed teachers/total teachers Percentage of core academic classess NOT taught by highly qualified teachers
Lake Region UHSD #24 0/33 0.00%

* Core academic subjects are: English language arts (including ESL), math, science, social stuides, reading, foreign languages, art, music, and the generalist endorsement areas of elementary education and early childhood education (grades K-3 only). In addition, alternative program and special education primary instruction assignments in math, science, social stuides and/or ELA/reading are also considered "core" areas.

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