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Students, parents and guardians are expected to know the Internet Acceptable Use Policy and abide by the agreement. (Acceptable Use of Electronic Resources Including the Internet, Policy Code I-4 available from the principal's office).

User Responsibilities


Users may access electronic resources including the internet for educational purposes. The term "educational purpose" Includes use of the system for classroom activities, which may involve 3-mail communication, career development and curriculum driven research. Students and staff may use real-time electronic communication, such as chat or instant messaging (only for specifically organized educational activities).

Students and staff may access the District's Electronic resources for limited personal use. Limited personal use of the District's electronic resources including the Internet shall be allowed if the use:


  • imposes no tangible cost to the District;
  • does not unduly burden the District's electronic resources;
  • occurs during non-instructional time and does not impede other student or staff access for educational purposes; and does not violate this policy.
  • Games may be played outside the defined school day.
  • Downloading of materials such as music, books, games, periodicals, etc. must be a part of specifically organized educational activity and in compliance with all state and federal laws.
  • Access to "hacking resources" is never allowed.
  • Circumvention of local security systems or attempts to do so are not allowed.
  • Standard settings of computer desktops may not be changed.

Users will respect the rights of copyright owners and will not plagiarize works they find on the District electronic network including the Internet by presenting them as their own.

Users should not expect any files and records of their on-line activity created on the District's system are private. users will be fully and regularly informed about the districts supervision and monitoring activities and the limitations on their privacy.

Students and staff may not access materials for any purpose the District deems to be potentially harmful, inappropriate, or illegal. this includes materials that are obscene or child pornography.


  • Will be consistent with the LR Disciplinary Ladder and the LR Student Handbook.
  • A system of "three strikes and you are out" is employed for infractions of computer rules.
  • Violations will result in the loss of computer privileges for one to possibly four terms.
  • When applicable, law enforcement agencies will be involved.
  • Excessive printing or printing of inappropriate materials will incur charges.


Examples of Inappropriate Uses of School Technology

  • Cheat sites
  • Games or game sites
  • Joke sites
  • Music (regardless of headphones)
  • Downloading programs, games, music, etc...
  • CD burning without prior permission
  • Email without prior permission
  • Chats (messenger or otherwise)
  • Installing software
  • Watching videos or DVD's, including online movie trailers
  • Loitering

General guideline for success

Ask yourself: Would I be comfortable using the computer for this purpose with the principal or superintendent watching? If the answer is no, then you shouldn't be using the computer for that purpose.

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