1. Submit Transcript Request Form to the Guidance Office at least two weeks prior to your earliest application deadline (form available in the Guidance Office). Colleges you are applying to must be listed in your Family Connections account, where a transcript request must be sent for each college you are applying to. See Mr. Chamberlin if you need assistance with this process.
  2. You are encouraged to use the “Common Application” when applying to multiple schools. Go to the following website:  to set up your account. Email address used for your Family Connections account and your Common Application must match!
  3. Complete a Senior Information/Recommendation form and distribute copies to teachers (form available in the Guidance office). We will make photocopies for you to distribute to your teachers.
  4. Send an email request from your Family Connections account to each teacher who is writing you a recommendation. Your recommendation letter will be sent electronically by your teachers from their Naviance accounts. You should follow up with your teachers to ensure that recommendations have been sent. If your application is sent via mail, you must include a hard copy of the recommendation letter with your application.


  1.  Meet with student and/or parent to review credits, check requirements for graduation, and discuss student’s post high school plans.  Student is responsible for making an appointment for this meeting.
  2. Write a recommendation letter when requested by the student. Senior Information/Recommendation form required. 
  3. Complete the School Report form and submit with the student’s transcript.Mr. Chamberlin’s email is: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  4. Send first semester grades to the colleges student has applied to and final grades/transcripts to the school student will attend.  For those students who apply “early action”, first quarter grades will be sent.
  5. Information sent to colleges from the Guidance Office includes:

Transcript, test scores (unofficial included on transcript if available), rank in class, GPA, school profile, a counselor letter of recommendation if requested and School Report form if required.

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