The Lake Region Union High School board and administration recognize and celebrate the past and current efforts of teachers, staff, parents and community members in providing quality educational opportunities for area students. Over the course of Lake Region’s history, there have been many extraordinary achievements in the areas of academics, extra-curricular activities, community service and social
development. The board extends its gratitude to everyone who has made a positive contribution to the lives of the community’s young people.


To build upon the existing strengths of the school, the board drafted its first strategic plan in 2007. The five-year plan allowed for a sustained focus, despite significant changes in board and administrative leadership. Under the first strategic plan, the school took some major steps forward, including increased graduation requirements, a community service requirement, a student advisory program, and increased energy efficiency.

The board determined that another strategic plan would allow the school to continue to build on its progress and to ensure that all students have the opportunity to learn and to prepare for their future. Board members viewed their
leadership role as establishing a clear direction for the school’s success. The board undertook the strategic planning process in order to formulate its vision and turn that vision into action.

The board, administration and faculty, with input from parents, students and the community, have recently completed a Core Values and Beliefs statement to serve as the foundation of the school’s ongoing work.

In order to realize the vision for the school, the board and administration have carefully selected goals and strategies to ensure both a high quality educational program and the most efficient use of resources. It is the board’s intention that the strategic plan guide the collective endeavors of teachers, staff, parents and community members over the next five years.

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