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Basic Composition and Practical Reading are classes designed for students who need further time and additional practice to meet the school's expectations of their performance in reading, writing, speaking and listening, language acquisition and research. Structures are built into these courses to ensure that students succeed in developing the skills outlined in the English Department's Proficiency Statements and in Lake Region's Learning Expectations (as described in the LRfolio).


Basic Composition Overview:

Basic Composition is writing workshop course that satisfies the English Department's requirement that all juniors continue to develop their writing skills. Students write in response to non-fiction readings on a wide variety of topics. Their goal is to express their ideas clearly and to support these ideas with evidence. Students have ample opportunities to discuss big ideas with their peers and to present their ideas in writing and in speech.


Practical Reading Overview:

Practical Reading is a reading class that meets the English Department's requirement that all juniors continue to develop their reading skills. Students read a wide variety of fiction and non-fiction, too, in large and small groups and independently. The goal is to support students in finding texts they can enjoy. Fluency, reading comprehension and vocabulary acquisition are the skills students built in Practical Reading.

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